Hanging scales
counter weighing machines

Technical Specification for Counter Weighing Machines
(Capacity/Accuracy/Pan Size)

5kg x 0.5 gm x 230x190mmABS
10kg x 1 gm x 230x190mmABS
20kg x 2 gm x 230x190mmABS
30kg x 5 gm x 230x 190mmABS

Features for Counter Weighing Machines
Precision Load Cell
* Front & Bact Dual Display
* Four Selectable Response Time
* Selectable Auto Zero Tracking
* Full Capacity Tare Function
* Auto calibration Facility With Standard Weights
* Optional:Battery Backup Attachment.
Standard Capacity 5Kgs, 10Kgs, 20Kgs, 30Kgs
Platter Sixe 230X190mm ABS
Display Digit 6 Digits
Calibiration Auto Calibration Function
No. of keys 3
Battery yes
Remote Control NO
Display Size 56"
No. of Charactor on Display 6 Charactors
Outer Body Plastic ASB
Message Language Numeric
Function ON/OFF & Full Capacity Tare Fuction
Power 6V/1.2Ah
Printer yes (BUT OPTIONAL)
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