kitchen weighing scales
kitchen weighing scales

Technical Specification
(Capacity/Accuracy/Pan Size)

500g x 0.5g x 145x145mm
600g x 0.1g x 145x145mm
3Kg x 0.2g x 145x145mm
3Kg x 0.5g x 145x145mm
5Kg x 0.5g x 145x145mm
5kg x 1kg x 145x 145mm
6kg x 1g x 145x 145mm

* Low Cost.
* Large LED Display.
* Auto Calibration Features.
Standard Capacity 500g, 600g, 3Kg, 5Kg, 6Kg
Platter Size 145x145 MM ABS
Power Supply Main Battery
Display Digit 5 Digits
No. of Charactor Dispay 5
No. of keys 3
Battery Charger yes
Battery 4x1.5V AA
Remote Control yes
Colour Red
Outer Body Plastic ABS
Message Language Numeric
Function ON/OFF & Full Capacity Tare Fuction
Power 6V/1.2Ah
Printer yes (BUT OPTIONAL)
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